How to change download region in Steam to fix game downloads

How to change download region in Steam to fix game downloads

Here is an ordinary situation among Steam users: You are happily downloading or updating your favorite PC game when, all of a sudden, the download just stops and nothing happens.

In some cases, you might even get a notification that the download file for the game is corrupted. This can of course be the result of different issues, including internet connectivity challenges. However, this is often a signal to change your download region.

Why should I change my download region?

Steam is a very large platform with tremendously high traffic around the world, therefore busy servers struggling to handle the load thrown at them is a common occurrence. Thankfully, Steam’s infrastructure is sophisticated enough to let gamers switch servers and initiate downloads from different, less burdened regions. This has to do with shared bandwidth, so the more people are active in a particular location, the higher the chances of experiencing poor download speeds.

Steam users have ultimately learnt overtime that paying attention to Steam’s official bandwidth map isn’t such a bad idea after all, especially considering it serves as a good guide to optimize download speeds by selecting appropriate regions.

Screenshot for the download bandwidth used around the world by Steam users in the last 48 hours.

An example of the chart pertaining to Steam’s download bandwidth used around the world in the last 48 hours.

How do I change my Steam download region?

Steam normally auto-selects the nearest download server location, but you have the option to overwrite it, which you need to do if you are experiencing download issues. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Head over to the Steam menu and, under the first item, select Settings.

Step 2: Select Downloads on the left side of the settings panel. You should see your default download region below the Content Libraries section. As shown in the screenshot below, someone in Ghana logically sees West Africa as the default region.

Step 3: Click on the dropdown item and select your preferred location, then click the OK button.

Screenshot of the Settings section in the Steam application

The interface showing you the relevant Steam option to change your download region should look like this.

And that’s it! Simply try restarting or resuming your download; you should be good to go. For visual assistance, watch the video below.


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    Rags 1 year ago

    before winter sale i tried West Africa and it worked i got 7.8 mbps directly from 1.2 mbps , but now when sale is on going this trick not more working.

  • comment-avatar

    where is . . . the Steam menu and, under the first item,so that i can find the settings tab and change the download region? please!

  • comment-avatar

    i need help finding the steam settings tab to change the download region.

    “steam- settings -download -change folder.”

    where the bloody hell is the steam settings tab? why is this so difficult?

    • comment-avatar

      Hey Jon, this has been brought to my attention by a user before. I think I’ll need to redo another tutorial on that, because apparently the Steam Client been updated.