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Integers Come In All Sizes – HackerRank Python Solution

We need to read four integers, compute their powers, sum them, and print the result with constant time complexity.



The Python solution code for the HackerRank problem ‘Integers Come In All Sizes’ first reads four lines of input and converts each of them to integers using the integer constructor int(). It then calculates a raised to the power of b plus c raised to the power of d (or a ^ b + c ^ d). Converting inputs to integers is necessary because the input() function returns strings by default, and mathematical operations in Python require numeric types.

# Full solution below
a = int(input())
b = int(input())
c = int(input())
d = int(input())

# The answer
print(a**b + c**d)

The power operator ** computes a ^ b and c ^ d. Incidentally, Python’s integer data type can handle arbitrarily large values, unlike C++, for example, which has strict limitations. For Python beginners, do note that the pow() function is an alternative to the power operator. For this HackerRank solution, there is no need to store the exponent operations into variables before using them; they can be used directly in the print statement.

As you can see, this is a very simple Python coding problem, as is the solution, and the time complexity of these operations is constant, as they involve direct arithmetic calculations. The code then prints the result of the computation.