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Merge the Tools – HackerRank Python Solution

You may use an ordered dictionary to remove duplicate characters in this HackerRank problem.



The Python solution for HackerRank’s “Merge the Tools!” problem shared below uses the OrderedDict from the collections module to remove duplicate characters while preserving their original order.

from collections import OrderedDict # I added this

def merge_the_tools(string, k):
    x = 0 # Use this for groupings
    for grouping in range(0, len(string), k):
        letters = string[x:x+k] # capture group of letters
        keys = OrderedDict.fromkeys(letters).keys()
        print(''.join(keys)) # print as strings
        x += k # move to next grouping

The function merge_the_tools takes a string and an integer k as inputs. It initializes a variable x to zero to track the starting index for each substring. The loop iterates over the string in steps of k, to capture substrings of length k. Within each iteration, the substring is converted into an ordered dictionary using the OrderedDict.fromkeys() method, which removes duplicates and maintains the order of characters.

The keys from this ordered dictionary are then joined into a string and printed. The starting index x is incremented by k to move to the next substring. Keep in mind that the objective of this HackerRank Python solution for the Merge the Tools problem is to divide the string, remove duplicate characters, and output the required substrings of unique characters. The time complexity of this Python solution is O(n), and the space complexity is O(k).