Unlocking FL Studio 20: How to get an Image-Line account for a regkey

Unlocking FL Studio 20: How to get an Image-Line account for a regkey

Getting an FL Studio 20 regkey to unlock the full version of the software—including future updates for free—requires an Image-Line account. So how can you create one?

Ever since my YouTube videos about unlocking FL Studio 20 went viral, I have been getting loads of questions regarding the ownership of an Image-Line account. This all makes sense, because the standard unlocking procedure requires users to access their Image-Line account dashboard to download a registry file containing all their activation codes.

Alternatively, users may simply open up the FL Studio application, go to the About section and enter their account credentials, as shown in the video tutorial embedded below. Once authentication is complete, access to the software for the edition installed becomes unrestricted.

However, there seems to be a common problem among aspiring producers wishing to use the DAW, and it is not immediately obvious. As it turns out, Image-Line do not provide a Register page on their website—at least, not one that shows in their website’s header or footer.

The first times I was asked how to create an Image-Line account to unlock FL Studio 20, my automatic answer was to access their Login page and use any of their available login methods—be it via direct login or via their partner platforms. Nonetheless, many came back to report that the system simply wasn’t letting them in.

This sounded strange to me, because as far as I can remember, I never had much trouble logging into my Image-Line account. Then again, I only started frequently accessing my dashboard after I purchased the Signature Edition of FL Studio 12 a few years ago. Interestingly, there is a connection here.

There is an old page on the Image-Line website under their News section, called FLRegKey.reg. That page covers how to download, install and unlock FL Studio; but it also makes a key clarification: Users can only have a “My Account” page created after going through the purchase process. In other words, without accessing the Image-Line shop and paying for an FL Studio 20 edition or VST plugin, there is no way a user can expect to have access to their dashboard.

Login page on Image-Line's website.

The Login page on the Image-Line website.

If you think about it, this makes sense. The dashboard is where the FL Studio 20 regkey for every user is kept. If you can get a regkey without paying for it, that is basically the same as using an FL Studio 20 crack. The makers of the software nevertheless have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to FL Studio 20 cracks, so there is no way they would allow users to gain full control over copies of FL without being on their list of valid license holders.

I have long been an advocate of fair play on the internet. Key generators and cracks don’t make the web better; they make hard-workers vulnerable, as what should be their hard-earned money gets taken away from them. Admit it, you know it, but you choose to ignore that fact.

So, again, how can you get started by creating an Image-Line account? Your first step will be to head over to their official online shop. Pick the edition—and optionally, some plugins—that you wish to purchase, and from there, you will be guided until your payment has been received and your account is available.

Screenshot of the Image-Line shop

A look at the official Image-Line shop online.

After that, you will be able to easily unlock FL Studio 20 with your unique regkey, and every other future version of the software for free. Hopefully, this blog post helped all of you who have been wondering why you can’t sign into the Image-Line website.


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    nicolo 2 hours ago

    hi, its possible tu download fl studio 20 gratis? or i have to pay a license of fl studio? (for example the one that costs about 70)

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      You can download the FL Studio Installer for free. This will give you the FL Studio Demo. The Demo let’s you try all of Image Line’s VST Plugin and software’s features. If you want the ability to reopen saved files and make the most of the application, then you need to get a license. Starting price is 99 USD (Fruity Edition).