How to unlock FL Studio 20 (full version) with regkey

How to unlock FL Studio 20 (full version) with regkey

The full version of FL Studio 20 can be unlocked in different ways, but unlocking through a registry file known as a regkey is arguably the most popular method. In this tutorial, I will show you how to go about it.

You may watch the video below, or scroll down to continue with the written version of this tutorial.
If you read my previous post on how to unlock FL Studio 12, you might already be very familiar with the steps listed below; nonetheless, slight changes have been introduced. Besides, whether you own an FL Studio 12 license or not, you still have to unlock FL Studio 20 by going through the required activation process.

Note that before proceeding with the steps below, you may want to download and run the FL Studio installer. This is only optional though; you can still install the DAW after you are done with this tutorial anyway, but it’s preferable to be prepared.

You also need to ensure that you own a valid FL Studio license. To verify that, you can simply log into your Image Line account online, head over to your License section and check if you have products there.

Screenshot of the license page in the Image-Line account section.

Your available licenses are displayed in your dashboard.

If you do not have any license, go to Image Line’s online shop and purchase the FL Studio 20 edition of your choice. Once your purchase is processed and complete, the corresponding license(s) will be associated to your Image Line account and accessible from there.

Without further ado, let’s see how to unlock FL Studio 20 with a regkey.

Step 1

Log into your Image Line account. Once your account is authenticated, you will be redirected to the website’s homepage.

Screenshot of the Sign In page on the Image Line website.

Enter your username and password.

Step 2

Click on My Account in the website’s navigation bar.

The Image Line website's homepage.

You may also click on your name in the top-right corner of the page, under the search bar.

Step 3

Go to the tab Unlock Products.

This page is where you can get the file to activate your software.

On that page, you can get the regcode for both Windows and Mac.

Step 4

Click on the image on the page, or on the hyperlink to download the regkey. Here, I use the terms regcode and regkey interchangeably because they refer to the same thing.

Click to download the regkey on your PC.

You only need to download the registry file once.

Step 5

Save it in the location of your choice on your computer.

Saving the file into a folder on my laptop.

The file is usually very small in size. Here, it is 6KB.

Step 6

Open FL Studio and go to the Help menu, then select About.

Clicking on the Help menu in FL Studio and going to About.

The About menu is also easily accessible from any other Settings section.

Step 7

Click on the button that says, Unlock with file.

The section where the downloaded regkey can be run automatically.

Ignore the input fields and the other button.

Step 8

Locate and select the registry file you just downloaded.

Selecting the file you downloaded from your Image Line account.

Double-click on the file to select it.

Once you do that, a popup should prompt you to restart the software, if nothing went wrong. The message should read: “The registration succeeded. Please restart FL Studio for the registration to take effect. The application will now close.”

Message confirming that your product unlocking was successful.

You will only see this if your unlocking had no problem.

Step 9

Click OK. The DAW will immediately shut down.

Step 10

Reopen the application, drop down the Help menu, then select About.

FL Studio 20 registered with the Signature bundle.

The product is now registered.

This time around, you should see the software registered under your account. This was probably easier that you imagined; yet, that’s how you unlock FL Studio 20 with a regkey, legally.


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    Robert 7 months ago

    Do you wanna give me the reg file!? Please!

  • comment-avatar
    Jan Feri 7 months ago

    I Have already problem. I have trial version, so it can’t get reg key to me.

    • comment-avatar

      Right, that’s why you need to get a valid license first (associated to your Image-Line account), before you can attempt to unlock the software legally. Your only solution is to purchase one of the FL Studio editions (i.e. Fruity, Producer, Signature or All Plugins Bundle).

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  • comment-avatar
    First 7 months ago

    how can i get a valid license?

    • comment-avatar

      To get a valid license, simply purchase a legal copy of FL Studio, i.e. purchase one of FL Studio’s editions offered by Image-Line.

  • comment-avatar
    ignacio 7 months ago

    how can i have a regkey?

    • comment-avatar

      You can get a regkey by purchasing a valid FL Studio edition on Image-Line’s website. You can also purchase the box version of FL Studio via the Amazon links in the sidebar of this website.

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    Lets buy this….no need of piracy

  • comment-avatar
    Kamlesh 6 months ago

    how to imageline account & how to create imageline account

    • comment-avatar

      You can click on “Sign In” in the Image-Line website’s header, then sign in with either your Google, Facebook or SoundCloud account.