How to unlock FL Studio 12 (full version) with regcode

How to unlock FL Studio 12 (full version) with regcode

Unlocking the full version of FL Studio 12 consists of authenticating your demo product. You got it right; the FL Studio demo that is available to download on the Image-Line website is in fact the full version of FL Studio.

You don’t need to download anything else. Once you’ve registered your product, there are two ways you can unlock FL Studio.

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Entering your account’s details in the FL Studio application

Step 1

Open the FL Studio 12 application, select the question mark in the menu and click on ‘About’.

About menu section

Step 2

In the popup that appears, locate the fields that prompt you for your email and password. The details you need to enter in these fields are those related to your Image-Line account, with which you secured your legal copy of the FL Studio product.

Email and password fields

Step 3

Once you are done, click the ‘Unlock Products’ button. If the correct credentials were entered, and if you indeed have an FL Studio license under your account, you should have a Success popup on your screen, reading: “The registration succeeded. Please restart FL Studio for the registration to take effect. The application will now close.”

FL Studio unlocked

Step 4

After the application closes, restart it. Go back to the ‘About’ menu, and this time, you should see the unlocked status of your product.

Downloading and installing your FL Studio regkey

Step 1

Go to the official Image-Line website and log in. If you already own a full version license for FL Studio, you should already have an Image-Line account.

Sign in into your Image-Line account

Step 2

You may be redirected to the Image-Line homepage after logging in, so head over to your dashboard by clicking your username.

Step 3

Go to the ‘Unlock Products’ tab.

Step 4

Click on the keyboard image on that page, or on the hyperlink below it. This will download your regcode, which will unlock all your FL Studio 12 products. The file name for the FL Studio regcode, which is a registry file, is FLRegkey.Reg.

Go to the Unlock Products page

Note that, if you’re on Windows, you can download and save the registry file anywhere on your computer; the file’s location does not matter.

Step 5

After you’ve saved the regkey, double-click it to install it, or right-click it and select Merge, and proceed to the next steps.

FL Registry file to install

Step 6

Restart FL Studio. You should now have access to the full FL Studio 12 version with all the products (plugins, etc.) that you selected during your purchase.

If the steps above seemed too complicated for you, try watching the following free video tutorial on YouTube to follow along easily.